Aquinnah an up island town is also known as Gay Head.  It is home to the Wamponoags Indians.  The Native American Tribe that originally settled on Marthas Vineyard.  In 1987 the Wampanoag tribe of Gay Head now Aquinnah gained Federal Recognition.  You can learn more about the tribe at their cultural center in Aquinnah.  The Wampanoags are Stewards of the  magnificent Gay Head Cliffs with layers of red, orange, silver and white clay.  The cliffs run one mile along a seashore with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, Buzzards Bay and Elizabeths Island.  It is off limits to climbing,  however it is a great  place to take photographs.  On a drive up to Aquinnah visit the Gay Head Light House and explore the Aquinnah shops and restaurant at the cliffs where you can still enjoy Wampanoag cuisine and wares.  

  In 1998 Gay Head changed its name to Aquinnah.